How To Buy Ceiling Fans and Accessories

Keep your home comfortable and stylish by choosing the best ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can complement any decor, increase your comfort by warming or cooling the room, and help you save money on your energy bill. This guide will help you understand which type and size ceiling fan will work best in your home.

Tip: In the summer, run your fan counterclockwise for a cool breeze. In the winter, run your fan clockwise to push down warm air circulating near the ceiling to better distribute the heat throughout the room.

Choosing the Right Size Ceiling Fan

Measure the room before you purchase your ceiling fan to ensure you get the size that will be most effective for the space.

Length of Longest Wall in Room Best Ceiling Fan Width

Less than 12 feet

36 inches or less

12 to 15 feet

40 to 48 inches

More than 15 feet

52 inches or more

If you have a tall, vaulted or sloped ceiling, hang your ceiling fan from a down rod to lower it to the desired 8 or 9 feet from the floor. Also remember to get a long pull chain, remote or wall control so that you can operate the fan.

Info Graphic - Buy Ceiling Fans Accessories

Ceiling Fan Installation and Energy Savings

To replace an old fan, remove it and use the existing wiring. For a new fan, consult with an electrician and adhere to local building codes.

Tip: Outdoor ceiling fans can be installed indoors, but indoor ceiling fans should not be installed outdoors.

The Home Depot offers ceiling fan installation if you’re unsure about taking on this project.

To install a ceiling fan on your porch or patio, use an outdoor-rated ceiling fan. These fans are specifically constructed to survive the elements without damage.

Ceiling fans must be hung from a junction box labeled “suitable for fan support.” These are stronger than light fixture support boxes and can carry the weight of a fan as well as an attached light kit.

Ceiling fans with LED light kits have a much longer lifespan and ENERGY STAR-certified ceiling fans can help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

To ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency, select a ceiling fan with an automatic temperature adjustment feature.


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